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"Without accountability and manageability, there can be no predictable outcome."

OUR purpose with the .NET, .COM and .INFO sites has been to construct a practical application of the Pay-It-Forward concept resulting in the financial benefit  and elevation of each participant. 

The idea of Ms. Van Hyde's book and the movie adaptation was to help several other people . Ideally, each person is supposed to do something "big" for each person, for which each of them would naturally be grateful and want to reciprocate or pay them back - to do something for the person who had helped them.   

Instead,  the favor is considered repaid when you help several other people,  asking each of them to do something similarly significant, yet still unspecified, for several others.

It would seem a big part of taking on this obligation is either knowing the person (that you are trying to help) well enough, to understand what the "perfect, life-changing favor" would be, to do for them.

Or maybe being in a position to do something which they could simply not do for themselves - like the wealthy guy in the story who gives his expensive car to one of the three people he is supposed to help. 

So in order to find something universal, and beneficial enough to be considered such a big favor, a "life-changing" one, we have narrowed things down to this:

Help any literate adult qualify to earn the equivalent of a separate, comfortable full-time salary if they were living say, in the USA or in Europe, without taking much time or money from their current obligations to do so.  

Such a large percentage of people would benefit and likely be grateful for such an increase to their lifestyles. 

And we have taken steps to attract people who are at least trying to find ways to make extra money, through advertising as a part of our overall planning. 

As for monetizing our efforts, affiliate marketers are paid to bring traffic and sales to companies that have programs in place to pay them for sales made for their efforts to attract new customers through their numbered affiliate LINKS.

If we could (1) make it simpler for people to be paid, and (2) point them to the place to start, and (3) help guide them through the process of positioning themselves to be paid as affiliates, we could accomplish this for many, many people.

This would help to remedy the vagueness of a general paid-forward "understanding" between the participants - shortening the path to figuring out what to do to help several other people.  Simple - help them get paid. 

And to help show them HOW to do it, we've put together the requirements and steps for any literate adult to be able to qualify to be paid. And we have constructed membership sites where the information and steps are organized, and support a PRIVATE, invitation-only membership system where candidates can not only educate themselves, but can take steps to qualify themselves to earn this income. 

Our memberships are founded on this overriding principle:

Without accountability and manageability, there can be no predictable outcome.

To remedy this, we

(1) We enter into contractual relationships between benefactor providing the help, and the recipients and

(2) We leverage technology to hold each participant accountable so that 

our contracts can predictably yield specific actual financial support and results for each participant ... and

(3) We insist that each candidate must hold up his or her end of the bargain in order to gain the financial rewards of the contract.

So what we Pay Forward is access to the education and software, training towards qualification and fulfillment, and both technical and personal support, including financial reimbursement of start-up expenses, all aiming toward helping each individual contractor to qualify for the benefits and rewards  inherent in the contract (getting paid).

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GLOBAL OPPORTUNITY :                                          

To be invited to apply as a Candidate for private funding,*  in a practical application which (1) holds each participant accountable and

(2) predictably yields actual financial support and results for each participant ... 

please register at either:

        The  MOBILE SITE:    https://allpaidforward.net/global 

    or at https://allpaidforward.info/members , which is oriented towards benefits for managers and supervisors .   These public portals are available to help income-seekers identify themselves as candidates for funding and training. By their efforts on these sites, they can be invited to a benefactor's private list to begin contractor qualification.

                        * Note:  "AllPaidForward" is not merely a micro-loan system.  To offer micro-loan funding for 3rd-World entrepreneurs, please go to kiva.org                                

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Several Pay It Forward references and Benefactoring Explanation          

The trailer from the movie Pay It Forward (excerpted here only for illustration and reference)
shows the protagonist's diagram growing as a series of chalk-marks on a blackboard, 
as he explains his idea to his classmates:



                    "That's me. And that's 3 people. And I'm going to help them.  It has to be something important,
                    something they can't  do for themselves."  



He goes on to say that rather than "paying him back," they promise they will Pay it Forward to 3 other people.   


       "It grows really fast," as Trevor envisions.

Mr. St. Claire, the middle-school social studies teacher who gave the assignment, after doubtful and derisive muttering amongst the students, comments, "Well, Trevor, the class seems to think you've come up with an overly-Utopian idea."


But it is the Promise involved that proves to be the remarkable force in the  realization of Trevor's dream.

From an interview with the author of the novel Pay It Forward,  Catherine Ryan Hyde :

"...The driving force of the "Pay It Forward" concept is that the idea multiplies out, exponentially, to more and more people, touching their lives, either directly or indirectly. Because this is an idea that can affect everyone on the Planet, I am hopeful that everyone who reads this book will see him or herself in its pages."



What we have devised is a short-term, practical exercise in accountability.  Integrating the elements of synergy within the common Promise to help others amongst our members is designed to create a culture of like-minded participants. 

And duplication is a matter of Agreement between the person who introduces a Candidate and "pays their way" to start the Course - that the Candidate will do everything possible to do the same for others within the agreed-upon time-frame.  It they fall short, the non-judgmental support of the mentor/benefactor encourages re-commitment each week, until such time as at least 5 Candidates have enrolled and contracted with their team members, and 5 of those members in turn have joined both companies. 

In order to stay on schedule, a Benefactor's surplus Candidates (who agree after their Benefactor's initial team of 5 enrolled Candidates is complete) are introduced to their Team Members who do not have 5 agreed enrollments in place.  Finally, remaining team positions are offered to a supplemental waiting list of prospective Candidates, who have been briefed on the System, but have not yet been invited to join a specific team.  



* From the Pay It Forward Wikipedia article 


The mathematician Paul Erdos, in one of his visits to Harvard University, met a promising math student on the verge of expulsion for inability to pay his tuition. Erdos paid the young man's tuition in full. Years later, the man offered to return the entire amount to Erdos, but Erdos insisted that the man rather find another student in his situation, and give the tuition to him                                                                                                                                                                           ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This is the spirit and ongoing tradition behind The Inner Core business, our All Paid For-ward System.  We "pay forward" the cost of each new candidate's registration and first month of service. 

We invite friends or family members, acquaintances and current or former business contacts that we feel have been reliable, and with whom we think we could work well (at least for this short 30-day time-frame). .

This makes it possible for interested candidates to be exposed to the business, our methods and our support system. 

If you will allow us to pay for your introduction, we ask that you do the same for at  5 others - pay their 10.00 + 30.00 start-up costs, and support their study gratis for 4 weeks. 


                                                        Some principles at work here:



The psychology of the person approached, when we are giving something away tends to be less resistant  than when we are trying to sell the same product or service. 


- We are naturally more willing to fulfill a request from someone who has done something for us  (Law of Reciprocity ).


- We are also more likely to make sincere promises to one who has contributed to us, to be responsible about and own those promises, and to willingly report and remain communicative and accountable for our promises to such a person.


- A sub-system in place:  If a short-term promise given for the for the day's  or week's goal is not kept, a non-judgmental interaction between Benefactor and Candidate can set the ship back on course. 


Several small commitments can collectively gain in strength, and grow one's confidence and personal power. 


- Keeping small, manageable promises tends to lead to larger commitments

BENEFACTORING is a recent internet network-marketing or MLM term which refers to a sponsor being willing to pay for the entry fee or start-up cost of his or her front-line of distributors in a multi-tiered affiliate program.

"Benefactoring" and "Paying It Forward" is a trend which began a few years ago amongst some low-cost on-line programs, and that I felt was a "step in the right direction," in an industry that has resulted in the disillusionment of thousands of hopeful home-based business entrepreneurs over the past several decades. 

Breakthroughs in compensation and product delivery have begun to remove many of the "negatives" from the industry.  If one is to "sponsor" another into any kind of MLM program, my personal feeling is that one should be willing to assume the lion-share of the risk for their "front-line" recruits, including not only moral support, but a formal system of accountability and finally, a financial commitment to each person looking at the opportunity. 


Thank you for visiting and reviewing this website.  Your attention honors me and my fellow Benefactors.  We hope you will take the opportunity to join us and spread the word about this practical application of the Pay It Forward concept.



Admin and Founder of the InnerCore Un-Business System   

to propagate (definition)

       2:  to pass along to offspring
a :  to cause to spread out and affect a greater number or greater area : extend
            b :  to foster growing knowledge of, familiarity with, or acceptance of (as an idea or belief) 


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Note:  AllPaidForward is not merely a micro-loan system.  To offer micro-loan funding for 3rd-World entrepreneurs, please go to kiva.org